My research focuses on contemporary music, experimentalism, noise, timbre, politics in art, philosophy in arts, and performance from both artistic research and musicological perspectives. Within my PhD research you can find some of the topics above mentioned.

DOCTORAL THESIS AND ARTICLES PUBLISHED                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • New Timbral Directions in the Contemporary Cello Repertoire: Analysis of Works by Colombian Composers from 2000 to 2015. (Unigrafia, University of Helsinki, 2019)
  • From Sibelius to Improvised and Experimental Music: Viewpoints on the Helsinki Music Scene of Today. (Synkoopi, Finland, 2015) 
  • Understanding Performance with Electronics and Beyond: Historical Overview, Significant Pieces and the Influence of Visual and Performing Arts in the Repertoire for Cello with Electronics and Mixed Media. (Sonic Ideas, Mexico, 2016)       
  • Del Puntal al Caracol: Nuevas Perspectivas en el Timbre y la Técnica del Violonchelo. (RICERCARE, Medellín Colombia)