In 2012 I have settle in Helsinki in order to start my PhD thesis called New directions in the cello timbre at the University of Helsinki. Since then, I have been very active attending seminars and conferences in different institutions in Europe and South America. Along side my academic research I have been participating in independent artistic research projects, collection of music data form different latitudes and production of music documentaries among others.

Research plan (Doctoral Thesis) PDF

Abstract (Doctoral Thesis) PDF

Up coming activities

– Joint seminar between the Doctoral Program in Philosophy, Arts and Society of the
University of Helsinki and the University of the Arts Helsinki.
University of Helsinki (11th Sept 2015) PAPER PRESENTATION.

– The working seminar for the Doctoral Program in Philosophy, Arts and Society.
University of Helsinki (19th-20th Oct 2015) PAPER PRESENTATION.

– 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki (6th Nov 2015) PAPER PRESENTATION.

– Workshop in Free Improvisation (19th Nov 2015) COURSE PRESENTATION & LECTURE.
Latvian Academy of Music, Riga.