In 2013 I started my PhD researched titled NEW TIMBRAL DIRECTIONS IN THE CONTEMPORARY CELLO REPERTOIRE at the University of Helsinki. Since then, I have been very active attending seminars and conferences in different institutions in Europe and South America. Along side my PhD I have been participating in independent artistic research projects, such as collection of music data form different latitudes and production of music documentaries, among others. 


 – ​From Sibelius to Improvised and Experimental Music: Viewpoints on the Helsinki Music
Scene of Today (Synkoopi, Finland, 2015)
– Understanding Performance with Electronics and Beyond: Historical Overview,
Significant Pieces and the Influence of Visual and Performing Arts in the Repertoire for
Cello with Electronics and Mixed Media (Sonic Ideas, Mexico, 2016)
– Del Puntal Al Caracol: Cambiando El Paradigma En El Timbre Del Violonchelo
(PILACREMUS, Mexico, 2018)