Groans of a dry and empty land/Lamentos de un seco y vacuo terruño for violin and electronics (2017) PDF Score

Violin: Mieko Kanno.

Live at Mute Fest 2017 (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki)


 Across my tongue, my words and others’ words… / A través de mi lengua, mis palabras y las palabras de otros… for clarinet and electronics (2016) PDF  score

Clarinet: Fátima Boix.

Recorded and mixed in Helsinki.

| Audio

Enna Ira Ma, for cello and electronics (2011) PDF score

Cello: Sergio Castrillón

Recorded and mixed in Lille & Paris by Sergio Castrillón
| Audio

Llamados Ancestrales, for flute and electronics (2009) PDF score

Flute: Carlos Rojas Alvarado, live version
| Audio




Photo by Karla Seeman