ANSELM KIEFER – WORKS FROM THE GROTHE COLLECTION, (2015) Video/Interview to curator Walter Smerling during the exhibition in Serlachius Museum. Mänttä, Finland
Director: Marianne Zilliacus

Suomen tulevaisuus, (2015) Science documentary series/Pilot program produced by Franc Media and screened on MTV3 channel. Helsinki, Finland
Director: Niina Pulkis

• Edit undo, a film by Octavian Balea, (2014). 

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Sound exhibition for solo cello (2014). Art/Sound installation and series of daily concerts. Gallery Third Space. Helsinki, Finland
Curators: Daniel Malpica, Ana Gutiezca, Rosa María Bolom.
Third Space Review | Video

Cinemaissi, Latin American Film Festival trailer (2013). Helsinki, Finland
Drector: Sonja Potenze Editor: Anna Recasens
| Video

Los hijos del Ayllu (2013). Documentary/Animation Fundación Telefónica Spain-Perú
Director: Natalia Pérez Ramos
| Video

River/Río (2013). Installation Terpel PH building. Bogotá, Colombia
Artist: Natalia Castañeda Arbelaez
| Video

Aguas de río (2013). Video art. Bogotá, Colombia
Artist: Natalia Castañeda Arbelaez
| Video

Helsinki African Film Festival (HAFF 2013). Opening titles. Helsinki, Finland
Director: José Sánchez
| Video

La ilusión de flotar (2007) Video art. Gallery nueveochenta. Bogotá, Colombia
Artist: Natalia Castañeda Arbelaez
| Video

Al acecho (2007) Short film. Bogotá, Colombia
Director: Eric Suescun
| Video

Photo by Daniel Malpica