• 12 miniatures, for electric guitar quartet and cello (2017) Live at JazzAnti series.  Guitars: Juhani Grönroos, Lauri Hyvärinen, Jukka Kääriäinen, Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson. Cello: Sergio Castrillón. PDF score

• Four Stages of Deletion, for any number of performers with the same or different SOUND SOURCE (2014). PDF Score.                                                                                  Premier (version for Large Ensemble) by Korvat Auki Ensemble at Viitasaaren Musiikin Aika Festival, June 2014.

• Southern Jungle/Selva del sur, for violin, viola, cello and double bass (2013-2014)
PDF score (See solo pieces due that this piece is the combination of the solo Jungle pieces all together played in duo, trio or quartet)
Version for trio, violin: Solveig Parikka, cello: Saara Vika, double bass: Ville Loikala
Recorded in Helsinki by Toni Kähkönen & Matti Raivio
| Audio

• El último libertino, for two singers (soprano and bass), flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano (2010-2011) PDF score

• Canciones reales, for non-lyric female voice, cello and electronics (2011)
Texts by Jorge Franco
Voice: Olivia Houssay, cello & electronics: Sergio Castrillón
Recorded in Buenos Aires by Jero Guiraud
| Audio

Maldito Amor

| Melodrama

| Mala Noche

• ¿Y cómo vuelvo a mi tierra despues de arrancarme la piel?, for two cellos and harp (2009) Version Trio Cassag, cello I: Sebastian Castrillón, cello II: Sergio Castrillón, harp/koto: Natalia Castrillón. Recorded and mixed in DB Studios Manizales by Alex Ramírez
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Photo by Daniel Forero