• Southern Jungle/Selva del sur, for violin, viola, cello and double bass (2013-2014)
PDF score (See solo pieces due that this piece is the combination of the solo Jungle pieces all together played in duo, trio or quartet)
Version for trio, violin: Solveig Parikka, cello: Saara Vika, double bass: Ville Loikala
Recorded in Helsinki by Toni Kähkönen & Matti Raivio
| Audio

• El último libertino, for two singers (soprano and bass), flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano (2010-2011) PDF score

• Canciones reales, for non-lyric female voice, cello and electronics (2011)
Texts by Jorge Franco
Voice: Olivia Houssay, cello & electronics: Sergio Castrillón
Recorded in Buenos Aires by Jero Guiraud
| Audio – Maldito Amor

| Melodrama

| Mala Noche

• ¿Y cómo vuelvo a mi tierra despues de arrancarme la piel?, for two cellos and harp (2009) Version Trio Cassag, cello I: Sebastian Castrillón, cello II: Sergio Castrillón, harp/koto: Natalia Castrillón. Recorded and mixed in DB Studios Manizales by Alex Ramírez
| Audio

Photo by Daniel Forero