Cello performer

I am a classically trained cello performer interested mainly in new music by  young composers. Since 2008 my work has been focused in solo cello and cello with electronics. Nevertheless, I have been working with ensembles, as well as with artists from different disciplines from South America and Europe. Along this path, I have had the opportunity to premier and record several pieces including my own compositions. As cello performer what interests me more nowadays is noise music, graphic notation, indeterminacy and music theatre. Among my cello instructors are Adriana Marín, Fred Hood, Henrik Zarzicky and Gabriel Guzmán. I have attended masterclasses with Matthew Barley and Peter Wispelwey, among others. However, since 2011 my role as instrumentalist started to expand towards the performing arts. Therefore currently I am deeply involved as cello performer in theater, physical theater, contemporary dance, contemporary circus and action performance projects. Furthermore, In 2016 I started to explore different sonic possibilities through modifying the cello. Then in 2017 I found the campanula, a sort of cello with a set of extra (resonating) strings.  These experiences had allowed me to find a more individual instrumental identity, not only from the playing techniques they requiere but from preparations and different extreme tunings I have set up.